Akuri is not bhurji

Akuri is not bhurji Akuri is not bhurji
Image courtesy: Ideal Corner, Mumbai

Akuri has been called the more sophisticated version of the north Indian ande ki bhurji and tastes more delicious than any scrambled eggs you will ever eat.
The Parsi community has a love affair with eggs and many of their traditional delicacies include eggs in some form. This one sautés onions, tomatoes and spices into a base and quickly scrambles in the eggs. 

The trick to getting the akuri consistency right has to do with technique. If you overcook the eggs, you end up with a dry, bhurji-like consistency. For a perfect akuri, you want the eggs to remain soft and slightly runny. The akuri should be a shiny presentation, soft golden eggs glinting between bright red tomatoes.

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