Egg but no egg

Egg but no egg Egg but no egg
Image courtesy: A Reverie, Goa

Indian’s love eggs. Some of our favourite dishes have eggs in the leading role. Whether it’s a masala omelette, bhurji, khagina, akuri, egg roast or Kejriwal toast — the list is endless.
The egg is a staple of most non-vegetarian cuisines. But, it’s often the one thing that young Indian vegetarians will happily eat, even if their parents regarded it as “non-veg”. So ubiquitous is the egg that often you don’t even realise you are eating it – in cakes, in ice-cream, kathi rolls or even in naans.
One of the signature dishes at A Reverie in Calangute, Goa, is an ode to the egg. Playfully called Egg But No Egg, it features modern renditions of a raw egg, an egg sunny-side-up, a hard-boiled egg, a soft-boiled egg and even a poached egg.

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