Indonesian, Tamil or Maharashtrian? Idli-sambar’s the best
They are the best known South Indian dishes in our country and perhaps, the world. But nobody seems... READ MORE
Egg but no egg
Indian's love eggs. Some of our favourite dishes have eggs in the leading role. Whether it's a masala... READ MORE
Bombay duck, fried to a crisp
Mumbaikars know this dish as Bombay Duck. But, Bombay Duck is not a duck. It’s a fish called... READ MORE
Amritsar’s got the best kulchas
Unless you are the luckiest person in the world you will find it impossible to get a good... READ MORE
Paneer tikka goes global
For a long time India's paneer revolution was confined to the north of the country. But, today you... READ MORE
Tibetan momos are a rustic national dish
The story of the momo is a political one. Interestingly, if you see Tibet as being part of... READ MORE
Mirchi bhajiya anyone?
The famous mirchi bhajiyas of Rajasthan originated from Jodhpur and have been called Indianized versions of chilli poppers.A... READ MORE
Raan never fails to impress
The raan is one of those spectacular restaurant dishes that always create a stir when served at the... READ MORE
Tunde’s secret kebabs
Lucknowites will instantly recognize this dish as the famous melt-in-your-mouth tunde ke kabeb. The dish is made from minced meat... READ MORE
Ghee roast chicken deserves applause
Regulars will tell you that one of the most special dishes at Karavalli is the humble ghee roast... READ MORE
Mangalore’s oggaraneda aritha pundi
The name may seem like a tongue-twister but Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi is one of Mangalore's most famous, delicious snack.Made... READ MORE
Laccha parathas are a labour of love
Parathas are one of the most popular flatbreads made in India. They are said to have originated in... READ MORE
Akuri is not bhurji
Akuri has been called the more sophisticated version of the north Indian ande ki bhurji and tastes more... READ MORE
Kakori kebab is a melt
This one is often called the King of Kebabs. If you have eaten a kakori, you will know... READ MORE
Goa’s delectable chorise pao
The chorise pao may be the greatest expression of Goan Catholic cuisine because it merges the flavours of... READ MORE
Tempura or pakora?
We all know tempura to be a sort of Japanese pakora. But, is it any relation to the... READ MORE
Chilli chicken never fails
Long before India discovered Sichuan cuisine, before chicken manchurian was invented in Bombay, there was chilli chicken.Chilli chicken... READ MORE
Samosa is best, calzone and empanades are the rest!
The most popular Indian dish of foreign origin? No, it’s not chicken manchurian. That’s totally Indian in origin.... READ MORE
Jalebi, caviar or both?
Jalebi caviar is perhaps one of the most innovative modern Indian restaurant desserts. Created at Masala Library, Mumbai,... READ MORE
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